Pets are welcome here

Come to Benidorm for a season without leaving anyone behind

Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times when leaving or entering the apartments.

Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool area.

The apartments reserve the right to refuse admission to pets that cause a nuisance to other guests or behave inappropriately during their stay.

Cleanliness and hygiene

We request that the following hygiene rules be followed

Any damage caused by the pet to third parties, furniture, equipment and facilities is the responsibility of the owner, who will be liable for the corresponding indemnities, compensation or expenses arising from repairs including cleaning outside the usual processes of the apartments.

At all times the client is responsible for his pet and its behaviour.

All pet owners must leave a mobile phone number so that they can be reached in their absence in case the animal is alone in the apartment and causes a nuisance to other guests in the apartments.

In the event of a complaint about barking or behaviour that disturbs the order and tranquillity of the apartments, the owner will have to leave the apartment and the outstanding services will not be reimbursed.



Our regulations

For the pet's stay in the apartments, it is essential that its hygiene is maintained at acceptable levels at all times, as well as having all the health certificates and corresponding up-to-date vaccinations at hand.

Please note that the apartment will not be cleaned while your pet is inside. When the animal is not in the apartment, please inform the staff of the apartments so that they can proceed to clean it within the timetable which is from 10:00 to 14:30.

Do not allow the animal to climb on beds, chairs, etc. And if it is customary, we ask that you protect our furniture with a sheet of your own.

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